Group Trip Planner - Overview of Key Features

Triporama designed the Group Trip Planner to be easy to use and flexible, and to complement your use of other online travel sites for research and booking. That's why we have developed the easiest way to:

Find, store, and share travel research

Create new bookmarks "on the fly" as you research travel on the web with one click of your Triporama Bookmark button. Check out how to quickly add the button to your browser's links toolbar.

You can also enter bookmarks directly on Triporama. In either case, your bookmarks are automatically shared with everyone in your group. It's quick to add tags (such as "accommodations" in this example) to organize research.

Get everyone's help in planning the trip

You need strong participation from others to make your group trip planning as fun and easy as possible. To maximize participation,

those you invite on your group trip are not required to register

. Their email addresses are used only to send an email invitation on your behalf and will not be collected or used by Triporama for any marketing purposes. Invitees receive a password automatically with your group trip invitation to give them access to the site.

On Triporama, everyone in your group can help

build the itinerary


contribute research

(see above),

respond to polls

, and much more. As a trip leader, you can help organize and facilitate this through


, starting with a selection of suggested tasks that you can customize to fit your trip.

Start by creating a group trip and, if you want, explore the Group Trip Planner and these tools prior to sending out invites.

Start now! Create a group trip.

share travel research