the California Department of Labor

In 2015, the California Department of Labor crunched the numbers and found out that the average cost of a shirt manufactured in the state was about $1.90. Which was all fine and dandy, if it wasn’t for the fact a shirt should cost the clothing manufacturers about $9 to make, and that’s assuming they’re only paying their workers minimum wage. Garment Worker Center thinks the industry is rife with health, safety, and payment violations, even outright sweatshop conditions, ranging from a lack of drinking water and proper bathrooms to the workers getting locked in their deathtrap factories with no way out.

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Look for a business address

Tweet TweetLook for a business address, with a street and state. Again, the Bengals NFL Pro website has no address, anywhere. You don learn it is in China until you see your credit card statement.Koch says if you are lucky you may get a discount jersey, but says it will likely be a cheap counterfeit.. [...]

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Tweet TweetI oakley vault was the toms shoes outlet man from the rain louis vuitton handbags dragged adidas shoes into the house, nike air max the ralph lauren man leg louboutin shoes braved the smoke, true religion jeans outlet a pouring rain squeaky, but uggs canada the mind is rolex watches still ugg boots clear. [...]

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That’s more or less how Joseph

Tweet TweetThat’s more or less how Joseph Haulage planted its roots in 1975. Joseph K. Joseph bought a dump truck and started hauling mostly sand and gravel locally in Hamilton, Ont. Can see osprey. They big. They obvious. In doing an article like this one I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the thousands [...]

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Arsenal acknowledges the Premier

Tweet TweetArsenal acknowledges the Premier League lies dormant till August, ever enthusiastic Gunners voiced words of encouragement on Twitter for their players toiling in the Euro battlefield. A tweet by the English club official handle congratulated their new signing Granit Xhaka for being man of the match and Laurent Koscielny, for keeping a clean sheet. [...]

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