Best Veteran Group Travel Discounts

My father was the ultimate group traveler. Which most likely began during and right after his time served in WW II, exploring Europe with his military buddies.

Love you and miss you, dad. He fully believed that traveling together fostered global understanding and peace.

And of course, today is Veteran’s Day so we are taking a look at how veteran’s group travel can get the best and deepest discounts while on vacation together.

Top Tips-o-rama for saving money as Veterans

Be sure to ask: When booking at hotels, airlines, transportation, or attractions, always about discounts for veterans. Scan listings of travel providers, AAA, and hotels that provide discounts to veterans on websites such as or

For more regional recommendations and knowledge of specific deals, contact the Department of Veterans Affairs closest to the city you’re going to visit together or in your city.

Be proactive: Sign up for a Veterans Advantage card. For “less than 5 dollars a month,” you’ll get lots of additional offers and discounts to members. Depending on how often you plan to use the savings card you can select annual, biannual or a 30 day trial membership. Then inform hotels, car, air, and other attractions that you have the card before making any bookings. The card is good for all sorts of discounts beyond travel too.

Think outside the plane: Fly space-available, or “Space-A”, rather than on commercial airlines. This will become more difficult the larger your group as space is very limited and you will have to be more open to flexible scheduling.

Locate the military bases close to your departure point and your desired destination, as Space-A travel is for only between military bases. This is really similar to flying stand-by but even less certain. So, be sure to have enough funds for any unforeseeable changes in your itinerary. You man need to catch a commercial flight back or get extra nights in a hotel if your Space-A flight gets delayed.

Show your military veteran’s identification and register for the flight at the Passenger Service Center of your nearest military base flight terminal.

Get on base:
Lodging is available on base for veterans while traveling. The Department of Defense Lodging website will help identify military lodging close to your destination rather than staying in a traditional hotel. Be sure to make your reservations as early as 60 days in advance if possible. You can check out the list of lodging options by Army, Navy and Air Force through the Department of Defense master list ( You can also access a centralized reservation systems for base accommodations with the U.S. Army (866-363-5771), the U.S. Navy (800-628-9466) or the U.S. Air Force (888-235-6343). To stay at a U.S. Marine Corps or a Coast Guard lodge, contact the lodge nearest to you destination directly.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served. Thank you and happy travels (together) from Triporama.

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