Top 20 Group Travel Destinations for Labor Day


One of our favorite sites for finding group travel deals, just released its Top 20 Destinations for Labor Day weekend. These match up perfectly with what we see being planned on Triporama right now for friend and family groups too. No surprise there since the long weekend is perfect for traveling together with your [...]

Family Travel to be First Group Travel to Space

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Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group will be the first space group traveler and he’s doing it family travel style. Branson announced that if tests go according to plans, Branson and his two children, Holly, 31 and Sam, 28, could blast off into space from New Mexico in August, 2014. And the entire trip [...]

The Denver Post Says Triporama is Good for Family Trips – Word!

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So that’s pretty cool. The Denver Post has Triporama as one of the 15 online resources for planning your family trip. There we are, the first on the list of helpful websites: Start a vacation plan on Triporama, which starts you with a list of tasks that you can assign to the other users you’ve [...]

Cool Hidden Things for Your Group at Disneyland

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If you’re a great group leader, you are always looking for ways to deepen the experience of your friends and family group on vacation together. These are the niche travel things that take you from tourist to traveler (together). Right? It’s even possible to experience these things in a trip together to Disneyland. Not to [...]

Virgin America Safety Video – Inform and Entertain

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Virgin American seems to make everything better when traveling. Easing even the pain point of being crammed into a plane waiting to take off. They are a creative travel group who has brought to the consumer everything from glass bottom planes to better service to now this: An entertaining and informative way to reach the [...]

Best Family Travel Airport in EU is Now Heathrow

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Heading to Europe for family travel used to be thought of as quite the adventure (and not the fun kind). Especially with young ones. But as all aspects of travel compete for your family travel dollar, airports are also becoming more focused on providing the resources for easy and safe family travel together. Especially, it [...]

Rediculous (But Actual) Travel Complaints

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Group travel is supposed to be a time to get away from the stress and confusion of “real life,” and slow down to simply enjoy time together in an awesome location. But check out these real complaints from actual travelers while on vacation together that we found over on Huffington Post. Let’s hope no one [...]

The Shutdown is Over – Commence Group Travel – For Now

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Some have called it simply a paid group vacation for members of congress. Some have called it a last ditch effort to ratify important policy. But no matter which side of the political bus you sit on, the truth is, the government shutdown affected a large portion of the travel industry. Especially if your portion [...]

Breaking: Pinterest is Really Popular for Planning Travel – Just Ask Their Lawyers

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Well it took a law suit to discover just how popular the social bookmarking website Pinterest is for planning travel. We love Pinterest too, in fact we love all social bookmarking for travel planning, but other travelers and travel companies have apparently begun loving Pinterest to the tune of 660 million travel pins! And it’s [...]

Jet Blue is Officially a True Friend of Friend and Family Travel

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We all believed here at Triporama that eventually airlines would begin to notice the power of friends and family travel. And yesterday, we took a very big step in the right group travel direction. JetBlue Airways announced yesterday a very family-friendly addition to its TrueBlue loyalty program – Family Pooling. JetBlue is officially the first [...]