Family Travel to be First Group Travel to Space

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Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group will be the first space group traveler and he’s doing it family travel style. Branson announced that if tests go according to plans, Branson and his two children, Holly, 31 and Sam, 28, could blast off into space from New Mexico in August, 2014. And the entire trip [...]

Top Travel Tips for Taking Your Next Girlfriend Getaway

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At Triporama, we know well the psychological importance of taking a Girlfriend Getaway. But we also know the importance of planning your Girlfriend Getaway and other forms of group travel well too. By following a few common-sense ideas you’ll ensure that your planning is easy and will lead to a smoother vacation together. Especially if [...]

The Psychology of a Girlfriend Getaway – Turns Out, It’s Super Important to Take Them

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I bet you all thought that a great girlfriend getaway was just an excuse for apple-tinis and spa treatments. Right? But, we recently came across a research paper from the Annals of Leisure Research that goes deeply into the real and important reasons all-women groups should, or more appropriately must, take a girlfriend getaway together. [...]

Lots to Learn on a Friends and Family Cruise

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There is so much more to cruising together these days than just indulging in buffets, touristy ports of call, and glitzy shows with your friends and family group. It is actually possible to board a modern, floating metropolis and learn some new artistic and intellectual skills together too. Imagine developing a new language or art, [...]

Jet Blue is Officially a True Friend of Friend and Family Travel

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We all believed here at Triporama that eventually airlines would begin to notice the power of friends and family travel. And yesterday, we took a very big step in the right group travel direction. JetBlue Airways announced yesterday a very family-friendly addition to its TrueBlue loyalty program – Family Pooling. JetBlue is officially the first [...]

Group Travel Ideas for the Government Shutdown

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It seems like everyone is talking about the Government shutdown right now on Facebook and other social sites. In fact, there was so much chatter, we needed a vacation from Facebook and the Government shutdown. Right? Which got us thinking: What if we had a friends and family vacation planned to a national park or [...]

Take Us Out to the Ballgame — All of Them!


Peanuts and crackerjacks are just the start. Inside every diehard baseball fan is the dream to travel the country visiting all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums, and of course, not care whether they ever get back. Whether it’s done in one summer or broken up over a number of years, it’s on the bucket list [...]

Top 6-O-Rama U.S. Ski Destinations for Families, Thrill-Seekers and Everyone in Between

Ski and snowboard vacations are awesome for all types of group travel. Here our our Top 5-O-Rama ski destinations for groups (Plus one bonus destination at the bottom just for the holidays). The best skiing towns for group travel offer powder-perfect snow, steep and deep runs and affordable lodging with tasty food. Ranging from the [...]

Top 5-O-Rama Group Travel Just for Geeks


Geeks need occasional travel love too. And, contrary to a prior post, Triporama is for all types of group travel and geek’s have just as much right, if not more, to travel together as normal friends and family travelers. Plus, they always seem to travel in packs anyway. Additionally, since most geeks seem to work [...]

The Girlfriend Getaway – A Road Trip With Your Friends


A great post on girlfriend getaways from Women Travel the World The Girlfriend Getaway – A Road Trip With Your Friends : Women …A few years back me and some girlfriends were on a trip to The Netherlands. We had been staying in and around Amsterdam for a few days, but had quickly gotten fed [...]