The Denver Post Says Triporama is Good for Family Trips – Word!

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So that’s pretty cool. The Denver Post has Triporama as one of the 15 online resources for planning your family trip. There we are, the first on the list of helpful websites: Start a vacation plan on Triporama, which starts you with a list of tasks that you can assign to the other users you’ve [...]

Breaking: Pinterest is Really Popular for Planning Travel – Just Ask Their Lawyers

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Well it took a law suit to discover just how popular the social bookmarking website Pinterest is for planning travel. We love Pinterest too, in fact we love all social bookmarking for travel planning, but other travelers and travel companies have apparently begun loving Pinterest to the tune of 660 million travel pins! And it’s [...]

Jet Blue is Officially a True Friend of Friend and Family Travel

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We all believed here at Triporama that eventually airlines would begin to notice the power of friends and family travel. And yesterday, we took a very big step in the right group travel direction. JetBlue Airways announced yesterday a very family-friendly addition to its TrueBlue loyalty program – Family Pooling. JetBlue is officially the first [...]

Keys to Planning Stress-Free Group Travel


As the first ever travel site just for group travel, at Triporama we get asked a lot about how to ease the pain of planning a trip together. Of course we recommend using our trip planner just for friends and family travel, but there are also a few important, inter-personal things you can do to [...]

Plan Ahead for Her Surprise Girlfriend Trip


Repost from The Telegraph 10/23/12 – great info for guys if planning a romantic getaway: Women may claim that they desire spontaneity from their man, but a study suggests they actually want eight days' notice of any surprise trip. Planning a surprise trip? Give her eight days' notice Three out of five women in the [...]

Girlfriend Getaway – Surfing Safari

GFG Surfcamp

One of the coolest travel trends today is getting your best girlfriends together and heading to a tropical beach location for a surfing safari. Imagine the exhilaration of communing with the ocean, incredible weather, laughing together, some yoga, and the freedom of just the girls, together, enjoying each other and the beach life. We, of [...]

Top 5-O-Rama Reasons it’s Tough to Work on Your Trip Planner when Trip Planning


It is really difficult to get work done when you have the annual guy’s adventure vacation coming up. And there is so much to get done at Triporama right now. We’re updating the site based on your feedback (thank you, BTW) and I’m super behind in one of my favorite things, blogging about group travel [...]

In Trip Planning and in Life it’s All About the “Happy Accident”


I hit a wall. The worst kind of wall. A mental wall. A writers wall. Everyone has experienced it at one time or another. I was humming along with lots to chat about with the amazing, fun, super handsome community regarding friends and family travel. Heck, I was even making some progress in organic search [...]

Plan a Mountain Bike Trip for Group Epic-ness


I’m getting ready to take our annual adventure trip with the guys in just a few weeks. This year it’s Central Oregon for epic whitewater rafting and canyoneering. When I joined the group a few years ago I brought mountain biking into the mix and it’s been a part of our group travel sojourns ever [...]

Top 5-O-Rama Trip Planner Apps that aren’t TripIt


Truth is, we love Tripit too, but come on now, at 15 downloads/minute, you hardly need our blog to let you know about their service. Plus, I feel that most of the usual travel app lists use them as filler. So here are some less known trip planner apps to make your family’s trip planning [...]