Best Veteran Group Travel Discounts

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My father was the ultimate group traveler. Which most likely began during and right after his time served in WW II, exploring Europe with his military buddies. Love you and miss you, dad. He fully believed that traveling together fostered global understanding and peace. And of course, today is Veteran’s Day so we are taking [...]

Travel Deals for Your Group for Christmas Travel – Now or Never

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Halloween is here. So to find travel deals for your group for Christmas at this point, you and your friend and family travelers really need to buy ASAP. Let your travel group know that Travelocity reports, based on booking data from the last three years, flight seekers should book their Christmas time vacation by Nov. [...]

How To Find The Best Travel Deals – Period

Group Travel Planning at Dinner

Ah, the benefits of being in the travel industry Working on Triporama, I get asked by friends and family a lot where to go online to find the best vacation deals on travel packages, accommodations, cruises, air, etc. Honestly, barely a family meal or a dinner out goes by without a travel deal question coming [...]

Want to travel more? Or… Do Androids Dream of Electric Travel?

The average leisure group traveler (non-solo traveler) takes 4.2 trips/year – USTA. The average length of a trip (according to an informal poll on Fodor’s) is 7 to 10 days. That’s a total of 35.7 days a year spent, on average, taking a vacation together. Which of course means that 329.3 days are spent NOT [...]

CBS Early Show on Triporama

Triporama received a fantastic Holiday gift at the end of 2008. On CBS’ Early Show, in a segment about finding the best travel deals, Travel + Leisure’s Deputy Editor Laura Begley included Triporama in a list of what CBS called, “literally the crème de la crème of the online travel world.” She said they reviewed [...]