Cool Hidden Things for Your Group at Disneyland

If you’re a great group leader, you are always looking for ways to deepen the experience of your friends and family group on vacation together. These are the niche travel things that take you from tourist to traveler (together). Right? It’s even possible to experience these things in a trip together to Disneyland.

Not to mention your group will think you’re really cool and have unending appreciation for your planning abilities for ever.

Top cool things-o-rama to experience as a group at Disneyland:

Take the Apple
Have someone in your group touch the apple at Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Once they do, the queen will laugh maniacally. Usually good for a jump and slight scream.

See Where it All Started
As you first enter “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” there is a park bench in the foyer where Walt came up with the idea for Disneyland while watching his daughters play in Griffith Park. Nearby, is one of the carousel horses that Walt’s daughters used to ride too.

There’s (only) one real human skull left in Pirates of the Caribbean.
When the famous ride (and spawn for many Johnny Depp movies) first opened, there were tons of real, human skeletons around the attraction. Now, there’s only one left of human remains — it’s the skull and crossbones over the ornate bed in the Captain’s Quarters.

Glimpse the Evil Queen
Right above the Snow White attraction in Fantasyland, the Evil Queen appears in a window for only a few seconds every few minutes. Kind of cool, if you time it right, as a way to keep the kids in line too. :)

Indiana Jones Ride – Don’t Follow Directions X’s Two
There is a sign that says “Danger, Do Not Touch Pole.” Do it anyway and there will be a loud booming noise that will seem to cause the ceiling to cave in.

Again go against the warnings and and pull the rope. A worker will plummet into the well and voices will cry out.
Good times.

Find Walt and Roy Disney
Above the line to get onto the Pirates of the Caribbean the two Disney brother’s initials are formed in the wrought-iron railing in New Orleans Square. Together forever

Ride in the Lily Belle Train Car
Head to the Main Street Station as soon as the park opens and ask for a reservation to ride in this opulent train car named after Walt’s wife, who helped design it. It is both a feeling of being one with the past and all things Disney. A very cool way to see the park together.

Pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat
If you ask really nicely, you may get directed to the wheelhouse, where you’ll be allowed to “steer the boat,” blow the whistle, and then receive a special certificate afterwards. Oh, the boat is on a track so don’t worry about the narrows.

See Walt Disney’s Eternal Light
Walt Disney’s apartment was right above the Main Street fire house which he used with his family regularly. After Walt’s passing, the light in the window which used to signal his presence in the park was, and still is, left on at all times. It is completely unchanged from the time Walt and his family lived there.

What hidden gems do you love at Disneyland or Disney World to share that’s not on our list? Let us all know in the comments below.

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