The Denver Post Says Triporama is Good for Family Trips – Word!

So that’s pretty cool. The Denver Post has Triporama as one of the 15 online resources for planning your family trip.

There we are, the first on the list of helpful websites:

Start a vacation plan on Triporama, which starts you with a list of tasks that you can assign to the other users you’ve invited. You and your co-planners can message each other, take polls to make decisions, create a printable itinerary of daily events, and get reminders. You can bookmark your travel research, and the itinerary includes a very helpful map so you can see at a glance your realistic your plans are. (Really, you’re criss-crossing town five times on Monday?)

Well said, Denver Post. If this whole newspaper thing doesn’t work out for you, please consider a job in our marketing department (once we get one).

Some of the other helpful family travel planning sites and apps from the Post include: Kayak, TripAdvisor, Packing Pro, My TSA, Mom Maps, and of course the must have for family trips, Sit or Squat. We’ve used and reviewed all of these previously and completely agree that they make family travel more fun and easy. Or like the Denver Post penned so perfectly:

And now you’re ready! Plan that family vacation with your relatives. Keep everyone in the loop. Get a handle on your packing. And know where the bathrooms are. Staying in the moment is up to you.

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