Top 5-O-Rama Travel Blogs

We love the travel blogs here at Triporama… it’s the best of all worlds when you find one that matches your “travel personality.” Cool, cutting edge destinations, great insights, and sometimes snarky writing from some very hip travel-geeks.
Here’s our top 5:

1. Suzy Guese is a focused, savvy, and consistent travel writer with a gift for simplicity and clarity in her writing (and her website too). I didn’t think it was possible, but her writing made me love Italy even more than I did before – and I got married there. She is the only one on the list with a solo-traveler POV, but we would like to travel with her, so that’s good enough.

2. Traveling Mamas is a must for family travel. Although, they chat a lot about girlfriend getaways and other off-the-beaten-track stuff too. They make family travel very hip.

3. Rick Steves - Really nothing more needs to be said for this one (but this is a blog, so I will). We’re big fans of the Rickster’s (and Jackie’s and Andy’s) blog. Rick is a T.O.G (Travel Original Gansta). If you want clear and deep insights into the minds and locations of spectacular locations in, around, about Europe this is the place. Thanks Rick and family – for everything you’ve bought to the travel table over the years.

4. 2 Backpackers – I just feel cooler when I read 2 Backpackers. Great things to do in super cool locations. Plus, they are a couple on long-term travel. – mad props for that.

5. Travels with a Nine Year Old – as a parent of an 8 year old, this one always kind of freaks me out but I can’t stop reading it. The locations are exotic and the conversations are deep. Even though her son isn’t nine any longer it’s a fascinating look at exotic travel while keeping track of your most precious cargo.

This should be a great start for a new or growing travel blog reader interested in friends and family travel stories and insights. Or this list can serve as a model about how to do your own travel blog correctly.

Tip-O-rama: Be sure to read comments on the blogs too since they will provide extra insight, dissenting opinion, and they can also lead you to discover other quality travel bloggers who are posting replies on the site.

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