Why Friends and Family Travel?

We get the question here a lot, (use a geeky voice in mind’s ear) “why is Triporama just for groups?” “What about individual travelers?” “Is it because you guys think solo travelers are creepy like a hitchhiker?” Hmmm? “No,” we reply quickly, “solo travel isn’t creepy at all.”

In fact, we’re sure that for many, taking a solo, global walk-about is a liberating and powerful experience (and you probably don’t have to shower as much).

But at Triporama, we just connect deeper with people who take trips with family or close friends. That is, if we were at a party, we would have (much) more to talk about with people who travel with their buddies or close family.

Fact-O-rama: (Solo travelers make up) 11% of all U.S. adult leisure travelers (crappy numbers when starting a business, btw). Solo travelers take slightly fewer trips per year (4.3) than those who travel with other adults (4.8). – USTA

We also know from experience that folks consider planning a trip with a group to be difficult – we’ve set out to change that preconception. And since everyone pretty much hates facing their email inbox these days, we created something that makes planning a trip as much fun as taking it.

As you’ll see in a few days, group travel planning can be fun and easy. After all, isn’t the excitement and anticipation of travel even more thrilling when you can share it? Also, it can be very satisfying to leverage the power of your group to come up with even cooler ideas and ways to enjoy a destination.

Quote-O-rama – “One forum is more powerful than infinite internal dialogues” Socrates.

So it isn’t that Triporama has anything against planning and traveling by one’s self. We would just want to do that with our favorite people.

Or it could be simply that no one wants to be around you… but that’s for a different post…

Happy Travels (together)

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