Trip Leader's Role

Trip leaders are the focal point for a considerable amount of additional work. Some of these responsibilities are not suitable for delegation, but trip leaders should look for help from others in the group whenever they can.

The trip leader's responsibilities typically include:

  • Managing invitations and the participant list
  • Conducting a poll to determine trip dates
  • Acting as the sole point of contact with travel provider to work through itinerary, etc.
  • Communicating deadlines, requirements, updates, and other information and follow-up with participants where there are issues
  • Answering questions that group members may have about the trip at any stage
  • Determining # of participants in optional activities, # of hotel rooms needed, etc.
  • Finalizing meeting point(s)
  • If necessary, coordinating what people need to bring
  • Performing accounting and manage reimbursements on trip expenses

Triporama strives to make the trip leader's job as easy and simple as possible, but

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