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Family Trip to the Galapagos Islands
For families with older, curious children,  a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a must-do. Traveling together there provides a fun and educationally immersive experience that is ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach cruise family hiking historical safari wildlife
The Amazon Jungle
Ready to experience some truly wild nature together? Consider heading deep into the Amazon jungle with your favorite group of adventure / nature enthusiasts. The Amazon River, the largest riv...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure fishing hiking rafting wildlife
Tanzania or Kenya Explorer Safari
An African Explorer safari is the perfect way to do group adventure travel. Friends and family will bond deeper and have more incredible stories to tell for years to come. For the ultimate group sa...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure hiking safari wildlife
Dive Cozumel
For any friends and family group looking to play, enjoy, and relax in a beautiful sea, enjoy the laid-back island of Cozumel which provides the pristine beauty of the Riviera Maya at a gentler pace...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies family mexico scuba diving wildlife
Girlfriend Getaway - Surfing Safari
One of the coolest recent travel trends is the girlfriend getaway surfing safari. Imagine the exhilaration of communing with the ocean, incredible weather, laughing together, some yoga, and the fre...  [Read more]
Copper Canyon
In the heart of the Sierra Madre and Sierra Tarahumara lies Mexico's Copper Canyon. Four times the size of the Grand Canyon, and made up of over 20 mountains and canyons, it offers supremely dramat...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach historical mexico scuba diving

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Taking a Hawaiian girlfriend getaway means you are going to, for sure, relax and enjoy the beache...  [Read More]
Topping the charts of play-with-toys-to-relieve-stress group travel is something that will be sur...  [Read More]
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