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Sisters in Barcelona


My sister and I were separated for five long months while she studied abroad in Italy. I flew to Europe so we could meet for a spectacular reunion in Barcelona.

Five days of Hostel stay, a beautiful beach and seven Welsh guys on an extended Bachelor party made for an amazing trip. Between Gaudi architecture and pub crawls that lasted until five in the morning (and were also free because we were two cute girls in our early twenties) made for the most incredible trip I've ever taken.

To top it all off I got to spend it with my favorite person in the entire world!

  • In the end planning hostels in advance (especially over the weekend) was a good idea and saved us money and trouble. is a great resource.
  • If you have the opportunity to pay to go on a pub crawl DO IT, it is much cheaper and easier to meet people.
  • Don't skimp out on the architecture in Barcelona, it's as great as the night life.

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