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Sun Valley Adventures - White Water Style

Cold man river.

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Once again our group was looking for a trip to top our previous. This year marked our groups 12th year of our annual White Water Playboy Adventures! Our trip this year was in late May and it was still snowing in Sun Valley!!

Having been to Sun Valley before I came up with the idea to bring our group there (8 of us total) for our base and then venture out for our daily trips. Our group always plans on several cornerstone events which include White Water Rafting, Biking, Hiking, and along the way a lot of joke playing and general guy comraderie... Which tends to play havoc on ones senses....but I digress...

Here is a little bit about the rafting portion of the trip....Our rafting trip began out of Stanley, ID which was about a hour and half drive from where we were staying. We met up there with our rafting company and found out that we would be the first boat on the Salmon river for the year. Now keep in mind they had record snow fall and the river was running at over 5000 cubic feet!! More than twice the norm! Everyone in our group is experienced rafters so we were all ready to tackle whatever was thrown at us.... Oh I forgot to mention that the temperature was a high of 52degs and the water temp was no more than 37degs.

The wind was blowing about 20mph and the wetsuits that were provided to us were nothing more than a temporary solice from the constant beating we were taking along the river. Just when you thought you might be warming up you'd get slammed by another iceberg rapid.....Needless to say the class IV that we encountered along the way were a blast. About half way down the river we stopped at a hot springs to thaw out. The only problem with that is you still have to get back in the 37 deg waters afterwards.

We stopped for lunch about 3 hours into our trip. We must have been a sight....8 grown men huddled around a camp fire trying to grab what heat you can in order to stop the constant uncontrolable convulsing from the hypotheremia that was setting in...At this point 3 of the 8 decided that they had had enough and wimped out. The 5 real men got back in the boat to finish the rest of the river.

Besides the cold, the river was a place of true beauty and adventure. We saw both a Golden eagle and a Bald eagle together on the same tree (very rare sight). Not to mention a ton of other wild life. I would highly recommend this trip to any group looking for a great get away with some terrific sights, glorious views, and a touch of adventure to liven the senses!

  • Go rafting in July!!
  • If you decide to go rafting earlier in the season when it's still cold bring booties and wetsuit gloves!

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