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Namibia - 4 x 4 through Etosha National Park

African safari on a budget.

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A group of us (8 ppl in total) decided to spend some time in Africa - budget style (excluding airfare, of course). We decided on Namibia (before Angelina Jolie put it on the map) and rented in Windhoek (the capital) 4 x 4 SUVs with two tents on the roof.

I cannot remember the exact place we rented from, but there are plenty of places on the web you can research. The cars were comfortable to drive in, with CD players and the tents were also pretty comfortable with built in pads on the bottom. The rental also came with basic camping gear and sleeping bags.

We drove up to Etosha National Park on our own and camped in the park. The campsites are located right by the watering holes which is where all the animals gather since it is so dry elsewhere. (Campsite area and bleachers by watering holes are gated from the animals for protections) We saw just about all the animals you can see both at our campsite, and during our day drives through the parks - lions, a cheeta, elephants, wildebeast, a herd of ostrich crossing our path, zebras, rhinos, and my favorite....the giraffe.

An amazing experience and a rugged way to see Africa independently from the high priced game reserves.

  • Hit the grocery store in Windhoek before heading out....there is not much around Etosha. The car rental place will give you coolers to hold perishables.
  • If you get sick of camping, there are some inexpensive rooms at the campsites that you can stay in. We did this one night....they come with a small kitchen.
  • If you can't sleep, hit the waterholes at night. We saw a pride of lions playing and running about at 2:30am one morning. They were way more active at night and there was no one around to distract them.
  • We also drove to a Himba tribe and saw their mudhuts and interacted with them. It was a long drive (10 hours) from Etosha but well worth it! A german guy who lived around there took us in. We camped on his property which had primitive open air showers.

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