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Tanzania or Kenya Explorer Safari

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An African Explorer safari is the perfect way to do group adventure travel. Friends and family will bond deeper and have more incredible stories to tell for years to come. For the ultimate group safri, try an explorer safari together. An explorer safari, alows your group to experience the full spectrum of African safari adventures.

Usually an Explorer Safari will be lead by the most senior Wildlife Explorer Guide who has the knowledge and expertise to tell the deep story of the wilderness while driving in specially prepared 4WD vehicles.

Or, an Explorer Luxury Safari will mean unrivalled service and comfort with a rare opportunity to get first class accommodation in areas of unmatched beauty. Tents get set up for maximum privacy with uninterrupted views surrounded by Africa. Individually designed menus and a fine collection of wines and beverages will be enjoyed in a candlelit-dining tent in a tradition of style dating back decades. This is luxury and safari combined

You'll also go deep too by exploring the land on foot, with local tribesmen leading you to rare flora and fauna sightings and sharing tall tales around the campfire at night. On other days, you'll travel by Land Rover in comfort and have close encounters with the most magnificent animals in the world.

For accommodations, you can relax in a beautiful lodge one night and then camp in the great outdoors the next. Try not to lose too much sleep from the rustling of the beasts nearby!

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