Great Group Trip

Keys to a Great Group Trip

Here are five keys to having a great group trip:

1. Find a good point person

The point person, or trip leader, should be organized, good at managing details, reliable, and responsible. We recommend that you check out our outline of the trip leader's role. The trip leader kicks everything off by taking a few minutes to create a group trip on Triporama and invite people to participate.

2. Focus on communications

The group should use the Triporama tools to collaborate on trip dates, meeting points, activities, and to share details or recommendations on accommodations and transportation. Important announcements should be posted prominently and follow-ups sent via e-mail. The Triporama tools are easy to use, with a Getting Started guide and detailed Help also available just in case you encounter any unexpected turbulence.

3. Shop Wisely

High-quality professional travel providers (which you can find by searching our travel provider directory) can save you time and money as well as help customize your trip to best fit your group's needs. For more straightforward travel requirements, check out our self-service web shopping tips.

4. Provide flexibility

Structure flexibility into the trip for independent, at-leisure days or optional activities to give everyone a chance to do as much or as little as they want. Also, have multiple options for a given day's activities (such as a wine tasting tour, a hike, or neither -- a leisure day).

5. Show respect

Show respect for your fellow group members by providing timely feedback, meeting deadlines (especially for making payment)), and make sure you have the necessary travel documents (see the Department of State site), immunizations (see the CDC site), etc. for the trip.

Let us know what you think is key for the best group trips.

We look forward to your feedback!

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