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By following some simple rules and reviewing some of our favorite travel web sites, you can become a smart travel shopper and ensure the best travel experience for the best value.

Keys to Smart Travel Shopping

  • Prepare

    - know your departure dates, flexibility, price range, and type of experience desired before you begin searching travel providers
  • Assess your group

    - if shopping for travel on behalf of others in your group, make sure you have a good understanding of their needs and preferences
  • Look forward

    - once you've booked, stop looking at rates and spend your time preparing to make the most of your upcoming trip

The article Affordable Group Travel Tips, from Smarter Travel, provides a good overview of smart group travel shopping.

Here is a list of some of our other favorite web travel resources:

Price comparison shopping (air, hotels, rental cars, and more)

Remember, when searching for the cheapest rates, web prices change constantly. You may get better rates by booking "packages", such as air & hotel packages for city stays.

Note: review our blog posting on how to use sites like these to coordinate flights.


You can find unique specials directly from major airline and hotel sites. Most of these sites provide information on when they make their special fares available.

Travel guides and articles

Travel reviews, blogs and travel community sites

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