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Toronto Reunion

Canadian trip with our college friends.

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We just completes a weekend get together of college friends. Of course, BBQ, beers, dinners, beers, and just generally catching up were all part of the experience.

Guys came in from London, Paris, Miami, Chicago and California. We walked around Toronto over to the marina (by the ballpark) to check out the mini-festivities. Luckily, we caught great summer weather in mid-August and took advantage of jogs and all the outdoor rooftops, including the Spoke Club as well as a couple more casual pubs.

Compared with cities like LA, Toronto feels incredibly accessible with the TTC (subway) and taxis, but it's more spread out than San Francisco. I definitely recommend a visit, but would suggest pairing it with Montreal (or another Canadian city).

  • Make sure to get everyone committed to the date as far in advance as possible, so that everyone can easily book flights.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page about who's invited. Some of guys thought this was strictly a buddies trip, while a few invitied their significant others (after mine had already set other plans, so she couldn't join)

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