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Walla Walla or Bust

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What is that speeding down the highway...is it a sports car, a super sonic train? No, it's the Mem Day bio-diesel party bus. Yes, it's true! Twenty or so college buddies (ages 30 something to 40 something) loaded up a luxury coach with beer, food, some clothes, beer and bikes (did I say beer?) and headed for Walla Walla to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their annual Memorial Day gatherings (another ten people joined there).

They had gathered at many different spots throughout the years, but the 20th anniversary called for a return to the place where they had bonded over text books and flag football fields and beer pong cups...Whitman College. During their 4 day visit, they appeared to be respectable alumni, carefully listening to the president of the college describe the state of the school today and touring the beautiful grounds.

However, by night their true college selves emerged and from the alumni house calls of "woo hoo...ABBA" and "nice hoopage" could be heard. A couple more daring (or delinquent or delirious) souls even managed to sleep in the wrong dorm...aah, just like the good ol' days.

No trip to Walla Walla is complete without a tour of the fabulous local wineries and this adventure was no exception. The super party bus hopped from tasting room to tasting room and the group even put on their best behavior for a fancy dinner out.

Don't get the wrong idea. This wasn't just about drinking and acting immature. This group was very sporty and did some biking, golfing, running, walking, touch football, soccer and more. The weather was a bit chilly but that didn't stop this motley crew from having a terrific, reminiscent vacation together. AND, no one even got arrested!!!

  • If chartering a bus, make sure it can handle the trip -- ours was not built for "long haul" travel, and broke down twice on the trip home (overheated going uphill)
  • Biking to the wineries offers beautiful views of the wheat fields; it's especially nice if you have other transport back!
  • A trip for a group this large, particularly since it was coordinated with the college, takes a lot of advance planning (started well over a year in advance)
  • Walla Walla is no golf mecca, but Veterans Memorial is a respectable municipal course

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