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Adventure Moab

5 Days in/around MOAB Utah with the guys.

Submitted by Mr. Fun


We rented a motor home and drove all day from Flagstaff, AZ to Moab, Utah. We had planned to keep the first day for nothing more than R&R, but that changed when we found an epic bike company and decided that:

Day 1 - A sunrise Mt. Bike ride. After more adult beverages than hours sleep, we followed our guides down porcupine ridge, to Slickrock, and then on this wild trail to some outdoor musical instruments we all played with for an hour or two.

Day 2 - 100 miles on the Colorado River, and the class IV rapids of Cataract Falls, not another living soul (except for some mountain goats) all day until we came across some boaters in Lake Powell. This was quite a shock as it turned into a mini-spring break scene for a bit.

Day 3 - After a night of motor homing at an abandoned motel (and fun scaring the slickrock out of a couple of the guys), we headed to, what was for me, a life changing event. The nine of us (plus two guides) spent a FULL day canyoneering in a remote mesa called cheesebox canyon - wiggling through slots, repelling into sandstone caves, and swimming through primordial ooze. It felt to me as though there hadn't been life in some of these slots since the Mesozoic age..... Then up and out over the mesa (quite a trek for someone who is more than slightly afraid of heights) back to the trucks for some Gatorade that tasted like the honey of the Gods after being in 110 heat most of the day.

How are we going to top that this year?

  • Go with the right group - Five days in a motor home together can test anyone
  • Be ready to adjust your schedule - the mountain bike was a highlight and we hadn't expected to do it
  • Don't go to Utah in June - like we did! It's too hot!
  • Decide how to split costs before departing (we deided to split as we went)

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