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Peru and Argentina
Spent seven weeks in South America and visited some spectacular places, particularly in Peru and Argentina. We traveled independently until halfway through, when we met up with my Dad and a group ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure dining hiking historical tours wine

Submitted by brian

Sisters in Barcelona
My sister and I were separated for five long months while she studied abroad in Italy. I flew to Europe so we could meet for a spectacular reunion in Barcelona. Five days of Hostel stay, a b...  [Read more]

Submitted by anonymous

Some friends and I wanted to try somewhere different over Christmas vacation, so we headed to Panama to see what was there. We went without a lot of planning or knowledge of what there was to do, b...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach caribbean city dining girlfriend getaways hiking historical spa

Submitted by Beth

Namibia - 4 x 4 through Etosha National Park
A group of us (8 ppl in total) decided to spend some time in Africa - budget style (excluding airfare, of course). We decided on Namibia (before Angelina Jolie put it on the map) and rented in Wind...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure historical safari wildlife

Submitted by Cathy

A group of 7 friends and I took a trip to Italy during the summer. The group -- which included folks from Columbia, South Carolina, Cleveland, Lafayette, Indiana , Baltimore, Maryland and Washingto...  [Read more]
Tags : beach city dining historical vacation rentals wine

Submitted by BW

In honor of my Italian husband's 50th year, we decided that it was time to see Italy. Neither one of us had been there and so we packed up the 9 yr old son and my 22 yr old niece and away we went. ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure advice beach city dining family historical vacation rentals

Submitted by Seesa

Art and Aesthetics in Japan
We went with a school group on a whirlwind, 14-day tour of Japan focusing on Art and Aesthetics that included visits to several temples, museums, and other cultural destinations. From the surprisi...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure city historical shopping

Submitted by BCM

Following the soul of a nation
Canadians are oft criticized for a lack of patriotism when it comes to their own country. However, this distinct lack of passion is really just a misunderstanding. For us, passion starts and ends w...  [Read more]

Submitted by Carlos

Our Long Anticipated Adventure in the Homeland, Eirann!
After a pact was set with my best friend that I would make my first trip to Ireland with him, we finally made good on it by going for 10 days in July!!! Now a threesome (my wife Tara came as well- ...  [Read more]

Submitted by Tim!

Ireland Golf Adventure
From a group of about 25 guys now in our 60's who have been playing golf together for nearly 30 years, eight of us committed to a long-discussed visit to Ireland, and selected the last two weeks of...  [Read more]
Tags : buddies golf historical

Submitted by Tom

Sailing around Sicily
Last September, eight of us rented a boat and sailed around the coast of Sicily and up into the Aeolian Islands. We started at Agrigento and hiked around ancient ruins...moved around the southern...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies cruise dining historical sailing vacation rentals

Submitted by Nique

Italian New Years!
In December my husband, Timothy and I, felt very secretive and glamorous as we hopped our Delta flight to Pisa, Italy. It was late at night and we knew on the other side of the Atlantic a villa aw...  [Read more]

Submitted by Tara

Ukrainian Road Trip
It's mid-July in the danger zone of Chernobyl, Ukraine. The geiger counter is beeping rapidly, as Greg and Kevin explore the ghost town of Pripyat. Beneath a dilapidated twenty-year old ferris whe...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies hiking historical shopping

Submitted by Kevin

Tanzania Together
Traveling to a foreign country can make you a bit nervous. Our trip to Africa a few years ago left me asking a lot of questions. And having spent 40 hours traveling (23 hours of flight time) from E...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure historical safari wildlife

Submitted by Fonebone

Top 10 Free Things To Do In Chicago
Chicago, which is the third densely populated city in the USA, has something for all, from top-notch shopping, fine art galleries, structural designs, depositories and theatre to unique neighborhoo...  [Read more]

Submitted by Andrea Ivey

Fall Foliage - East Coast Tour
Every autumn, groups of families and friends visit the East Coast of the U.S. for nature's colorful fall foliage displays while exploring the picturesque towns and enjoying harvest celebrations alo...  [Read more]
Tags : family festivals historical tours us domestic
Copper Canyon
In the heart of the Sierra Madre and Sierra Tarahumara lies Mexico's Copper Canyon. Four times the size of the Grand Canyon, and made up of over 20 mountains and canyons, it offers supremely dramat...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach historical mexico scuba diving
Military package in Moscow, Russia
Topping the charts of play-with-toys-to-relieve-stress group travel is something that will be sure to take your group's paintball game to the next level. Try a trip to the Ryazan Tank Range just ou...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure buddies historical tours
Family Trip to the Galapagos Islands
For families with older, curious children,  a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a must-do. Traveling together there provides a fun and educationally immersive experience that is ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach cruise family hiking historical safari wildlife
U.S. National Parks - All Inclusive Tour
If your group is looking to explore sites of historical and cultural significance, spectacular natural beauty, or abundant wildlife,try a tour of one of the nearly 400 National Parks in the United ...  [Read more]
Tags : historical tours wildlife
New York City
Kids love New York for its parks, holiday spirit, famous toy stores, planetarium shows, baseball, fun stuff to eat, and hands-on museums. New York also has an endless variety of restaurants (and m...  [Read more]
Tags : city dining family historical
For groups traveling together, Cancun is all about the beach! Enjoy Cancun together for its accessible shoreline and clear Caribbean Sea. Here, the white-sand remains cool to bare feet even on the...  [Read more]
Tags : beach historical mexico
China Group Travel
On a group trip to China, you'll encounter incredible diversity between bustling, metropolitan cities and quaint, small villages together. China is a massive country with great mountains, vast rive...  [Read more]
Tags : city cruise historical tours
Santa Fe with Friends and Family
If your group is looking to travel to experience the beauty, nature, history, and culture of the Southwest, head to Santa Fe for an unforgettable weekend getaway. Explore the attractions in the ar...  [Read more]
Oahu for Group Travel
Oahu offers the uniqe (some groups might say, "perfect") combination of tropical beauty and relaxing trade winds with big-city amenities. Kick back on the Waikiki sand, shop until you drop, or tour...  [Read more]
Tags : beach hawaii historical shopping
Caribbean Cruises
Caribbean cruising is perfect for trips with groups of couples, multi-generational families, and fun-seeking friends, with plenty of opportunities to explore friendly ports, shop, stroll or sun on ...  [Read more]
Britain and Ireland
A tour through Britain and Ireland will take your group to sites of royalty, ruins, and leprechauns, and you'll experience beautiful scenery, deep history, and colorful myth. By tour, a guide can ...  [Read more]
Tags : city family historical shopping tours wine
New Orleans Area
New Orleans serves up an abundance of festivals, restaurants, all night bars, architecture, and incredible music, making it a blast for a weekend getaway. Those interested in delving deeper into ...  [Read more]
Boston is alive with things to do for all ages and different family travel types. From exploring important American historical sites along the Freedom Trail to activities at modern attractions su...  [Read more]
Tags : city family historical theme parks
Old School Golf—Ireland and Scotland
For every golf enthusiast, a trip to Scotland and Ireland is the ultimate golf adventure. Take in the majesty and delve into the history of the sport while battling some of the most challenging a...  [Read more]
Tags : golf historical
From ancient temples to small fishing villages and the beautiful islands filled with sun, fun, and culture, Greece provides so incredibly much for visiting groups to enjoy and to learn about. Tr...  [Read more]
Tags : beach buddies city family girlfriend getaways historical tours
Machu Picchu - Lost City of the Incas
Always near the top of any list of top adventure travel destinations is "The Lost City of the Incas," Machu Picchu. An important and extraordinary archaeological site, Machu Picchu was discovered...  [Read more]
Tags : hiking historical
Orlando, Florida
A weekend trip to the Orlando area should definitely include visiting one or more theme parks like: Disney World, Epcot Center, Disney Animal Kingdom, Universal, and Sea World — all...  [Read more]

More Group Trips

Amazing Adventure In South America With My Dad.
Tags: adventuredininghikinghistoricaltourswine
My sister and I were separated for five long months while she studied abroad in Italy. I fle...  [Read More]
The Girls, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
Tags: adventurebeachcaribbeancitydininggirlfriend getawayshikinghistoricalspa
African Safari On A Budget.
Tags: adventurehistoricalsafariwildlife
7 Friends In In And Around Northern Italy
Tags: beachcitydininghistoricalvacation rentalswine
In honor of my Italian husband's 50th year, we decided that it was time to see Italy. Neither one...  [Read More]
Tags: adventureadvicebeachcitydiningfamilyhistoricalvacation rentals
Whirlwind Tour Of Japan With A School Group.
Tags: adventurecityhistoricalshopping
A Large Group Of Canadian Pride In The Czech Rebublic.
Immersion In The Central Coast Together.
Group Of 8 Using Golf To Explore Ireland.
Tags: buddiesgolfhistorical
Group Of 8 On An Odyssey Together.
2 Is A Group In Lucca.
Strangers Become Friends On A Group Trip Through The Ukraine.
Tags: adventurebeachbuddieshikinghistoricalshopping
Incredible Experiences In Africa.
Group Travel Fall Foliage
Tags: familyfestivalshistoricaltoursus domestic
In the heart of the Sierra Madre and Sierra Tarahumara lies Mexico's Copper Canyon. Four times th...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurebeachhistoricalmexicoscuba diving
Topping the charts of play-with-toys-to-relieve-stress group travel is something that will be sur...  [Read More]
Tags: adrenalineadventurebuddieshistoricaltours
For families with older, curious children,  a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a&n...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurebeachcruisefamilyhikinghistoricalsafariwildlife
Holiday Spirit, Top Notch Sightseeing, And Museums
Tags: citydiningfamilyhistorical
Great Beach, Mayan Ruins, Newly Upgraded Resorts
Tags: beachhistoricalmexico
The Great Wall, Bustling Cities, Quaint Villages
Tags: citycruisehistoricaltours
Pueblo Ruins, The Rio Grande, Vibrant Art Scene
Waikiki Beach, Shopping, Pearl Harbor, Surfing
Tags: beachhawaiihistoricalshopping
Ideal Weather, Island Hopping, Shopping, And Beach Fun
Green Scenery, Classic Pubs, Historic Cities
Tags: cityfamilyhistoricalshoppingtourswine
Plantations, Cajun Bayou Communities, Sporting Activities
Explore American History And Innovative Museums With The Family
Tags: cityfamilyhistoricaltheme parks
Competition, History, Challenge, Culture, Classic Pubs
Tags: golfhistorical
Famous Architecture, Popular Islands, And Passionate People
Tags: beachbuddiescityfamilygirlfriend getawayshistoricaltours
Explore The Mysteries Of The Lost Incan Empire
Tags: hikinghistorical
Space Exploration History, Sublime Wildlife, Gorgeous Beaches

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