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Recommended Group Trips

New Zealand by Motorhome
Toured the South Island of New Zealand with 3 friends in a Mitsubishi mini-RV. We always had the fridge stocked with cans of Victoria Bitter (VB), which is some of the best beer in a can going! Th...  [Read more]

Submitted by Brian

Monterey Family Weekend Getaway
Monterey makes for a great weekend getaway from the Bay Area...just a two hour drive from San Francisco, and not much more than an hour from San Jose. We went in December to celebrate some family b...  [Read more]

Submitted by dad

South African Desitination Wedding
We spent 3 weeks in South Africa attending a friend's wedding. About 20 people went from the United States. Over the course of 3 weeks, we did the following: 1. Went to Johannesburg and Soweto 2....  [Read more]
Tags : adventure city family hiking safari wedding wildlife

Submitted by Rob

My two colleagues, Sheila, Sue and I went to visit my brother who was one of the Head Rangers in Yosemite at the time. We wanted to hike up Half Dome as none of us, my brother included, had done it...  [Read more]

Submitted by Charley Ehmann

Sun Valley Adventures - White Water Style
Once again our group was looking for a trip to top our previous. This year marked our groups 12th year of our annual White Water Playboy Adventures! Our trip this year was in late May and it was st...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure buddies rafting wildlife

Submitted by Woolfie

Death Valley Christmas
Hottest, Driest, Lowest: A superlative desert of streaming dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and three million acres of wilderness. Dealth Valley is home ...  [Read more]

Submitted by Brent

Namibia - 4 x 4 through Etosha National Park
A group of us (8 ppl in total) decided to spend some time in Africa - budget style (excluding airfare, of course). We decided on Namibia (before Angelina Jolie put it on the map) and rented in Wind...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure historical safari wildlife

Submitted by Cathy

Tsuniah Lake Lodge Trip
There is no specific story to tell about this place. Perhaps there are a hundred stories to tell, since all of the family members on my father’s side of the family have been gathering at this...  [Read more]
Tags : family fishing hiking us domestic wildlife

Submitted by Dan F.

Camping with Fred
Three families (1 dog, 4 adults and 6 kids, ages 8-11) embarked on a hiking, kayaking, motorboating, camping, swimming, fishing extravaganza. All 10 of us hiked with packs full of gear and food do...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach family fishing hiking kayaking wildlife

Submitted by Friends of Fred

Our Long Anticipated Adventure in the Homeland, Eirann!
After a pact was set with my best friend that I would make my first trip to Ireland with him, we finally made good on it by going for 10 days in July!!! Now a threesome (my wife Tara came as well- ...  [Read more]

Submitted by Tim!

Going to Maui with the Family
I just got back from the beautiful Island of Maui after 2 weeks of fun in the sun. Stayed with my wife and twin 7 year old daughters in a small condo located between Kaanapali and Nepili. If you ar...  [Read more]

Submitted by Marlon

Buckskin Gulch/Paria River, Utah
Oh my goosh! is all I've got to say about Buckskin Gulch and the Paria River in Utah. If you are looking for long, crazy, narrow red rock canyons, you have come to the right place. I have traveled...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure advice buddies hiking wildlife

Submitted by Stewart "Scout" McClure

Tanzania Together
Traveling to a foreign country can make you a bit nervous. Our trip to Africa a few years ago left me asking a lot of questions. And having spent 40 hours traveling (23 hours of flight time) from E...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure historical safari wildlife

Submitted by Fonebone

Family Trip to the Galapagos Islands
For families with older, curious children,  a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a must-do. Traveling together there provides a fun and educationally immersive experience that is ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach cruise family hiking historical safari wildlife
Dive Cozumel
For any friends and family group looking to play, enjoy, and relax in a beautiful sea, enjoy the laid-back island of Cozumel which provides the pristine beauty of the Riviera Maya at a gentler pace...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies family mexico scuba diving wildlife
U.S. National Parks - All Inclusive Tour
If your group is looking to explore sites of historical and cultural significance, spectacular natural beauty, or abundant wildlife,try a tour of one of the nearly 400 National Parks in the United ...  [Read more]
Tags : historical tours wildlife
Tanzania or Kenya Explorer Safari
An African Explorer safari is the perfect way to do group adventure travel. Friends and family will bond deeper and have more incredible stories to tell for years to come. For the ultimate group sa...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure hiking safari wildlife
The Amazon Jungle
Ready to experience some truly wild nature together? Consider heading deep into the Amazon jungle with your favorite group of adventure / nature enthusiasts. The Amazon River, the largest riv...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure fishing hiking rafting wildlife
Private Island Rental
Get close with your group while getting as far from it all as possible, by renting your own island! Surrounded only by the sea, sky, and your favorite people you will enjoy secluded natural beauty ...  [Read more]
Girlfriend Getaway - Surfing Safari
One of the coolest recent travel trends is the girlfriend getaway surfing safari. Imagine the exhilaration of communing with the ocean, incredible weather, laughing together, some yoga, and the fre...  [Read more]
Alaska Cruises
Few things forge a group bond like experiencing nature together. Alaska, with its sparkling glaciers, verdant fjords, giant snow-packed mountains, and beautiful crystal waterways is nature at her m...  [Read more]
Tags : cruise wildlife
Los Cabos
Los Cabos, is one big beautiful natural setting, with incredible vistas everywhere you go. Here, dramatic desert meets deep blue sea at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, where dram...  [Read more]
Costa Rica Tropical Adventure
Costa Rica offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation, providing the opportunity for everyone on your group trip to have a broad choice of activities at every stop. While visiting ...  [Read more]
New Zealand
Take in the beauty of New Zealand by touring together across its landscape of storybook mountains, icy glaciers, spectacular fiords, primeval forests and unbelievable coastlines. With the exce...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline biking buddies family hiking mountain biking rafting wildlife wine
New Orleans Area
New Orleans serves up an abundance of festivals, restaurants, all night bars, architecture, and incredible music, making it a blast for a weekend getaway. Those interested in delving deeper into ...  [Read more]
Baja Mexico Cruises
For eco-minded adventure-travelers, a Small Ship cruise to the Sea of Cortez offers up-close viewing of schools of dolphins, whales, and vast numbers of exotic birds. Additionally, your friends a...  [Read more]
Tags : beach cruise scuba diving shopping wildlife
For groups looking to play, enjoy, and relax in a beautiful sea, the laid-back island of Cozumel provides the pristine beauty of the Riviera Maya at a gentler pace. Just a short and beautiful boat...  [Read more]
Tags : beach buddies family mexico scuba diving wildlife
Orlando, Florida
A weekend trip to the Orlando area should definitely include visiting one or more theme parks like: Disney World, Epcot Center, Disney Animal Kingdom, Universal, and Sea World — all...  [Read more]

More Group Trips

Nature, Beauty, And Adventure From Group Travel To New Zealand
Monterey So Close But So Far Away.
Incredible Journey In The Name Of Love.
Tags: adventurecityfamilyhikingsafariweddingwildlife
Half Dome With My Brother The Ranger.
Hottest, Driest, Lowest: A superlative desert of streaming dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicol...  [Read More]
African Safari On A Budget.
Tags: adventurehistoricalsafariwildlife
So Much Or Nothing At All To Do For 50 Years.
Tags: familyfishinghikingus domesticwildlife
3 Families Hiking, Biking, And Boating Together.
Tags: adventurebeachfamilyfishinghikingkayakingwildlife
There are times when nature calls. The city, traffic, pollution, noise and all the other accoutre...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurebuddieshikingwildlife
Immersion In The Central Coast Together.
I just got back from the beautiful Island of Maui after 2 weeks of fun in the sun. Stayed with my...  [Read More]
A Little Canyoneering Fun With The Boys.
Tags: adrenalineadventureadvicebuddieshikingwildlife
Incredible Experiences In Africa.
Sometimes, a picture is really worth a thousand words. This trip took me back to my childhood. We...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurewildlife
For families with older, curious children,  a trip to the Galapagos Islands is a&n...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurebeachcruisefamilyhikinghistoricalsafariwildlife
Enjoy The Waters Together In Cozumel
Tags: adventurebeachbuddiesfamilymexicoscuba divingwildlife
An African Explorer safari is the perfect way to do group adventure travel. Friends and family wi...  [Read More]
Tags: adventurehikingsafariwildlife
Awesome Nature, Great Group Travel.
Tags: adrenalineadventurefishinghikingraftingwildlife
Your Own Slice Of Heaven (Together).
Experience Incredible Wildlife And Natural Splendor
Tags: cruisewildlife
Big Game Fishing, World Class Golf, Lots Of Activities
Volcanoes, Rain Forest, Beach Fun, And Convenience
Spectacular Scenery, Adventure, Solitude, Ultimate Thrills
Tags: adrenalinebikingbuddiesfamilyhikingmountain bikingraftingwildlifewine
Plantations, Cajun Bayou Communities, Sporting Activities
Great Beaches, Incredible Wildlife, And Awesome Ports Of Call
Tags: beachcruisescuba divingshoppingwildlife
World Class Barrier Reef Diving Just Off The Island Shore
Tags: beachbuddiesfamilymexicoscuba divingwildlife
Space Exploration History, Sublime Wildlife, Gorgeous Beaches

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