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Dive and Play Together in the Dominican Republic

Great value, amazing nature, nightlife, and world class diving


For dive entusiasts planning a group trip, The Dominican Republic is on par with other Caribbean dive destinations but is also a great value. Dominican Republic dives offer lots to experiences for all levels including St. George Wreck, Tortuga Reef, Guasumila, and Catalina Island. Catalina Island, with its beautiful white powder sand beaches, has been named one of the top ten diving destinations in the Caribbean.

You're probably looking to do some things other than diving in the Dominican too. Which is perfect no matter what your group type is, because the locals are super friendly and there's a diverse and plentiful amount of things to do together. For instance, the country offers beauty and culture with rainforests, mangroves, and the largest salt water lake in the Caribbean, Lago Enriquillo.

The Dominican is home to crocodiles, magnificent mountains, cascading waterfalls at Jaragua National Park, as well as many dry and wet caves for exploring, some with sculptures and historical evidence from the Taino Indians, the original Caribbean inhabitants pre Sir Francis Drake and Spanish Conquistadors.

For any group, a trip to the Dominican Republic can be equal parts lush nature and white sand beaches, poker nights, inexpensive adventure, and some of the best diving around. Enjoy yourselves well into the next morning dancing and playing at one of the islands many resort casinos. Just make sure you use a quality travel provider, stay safe, take marked taxis and get enough sleep to enjoy the sights below the water!

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