Caribbean Cruises

Ideal weather, island-hopping, shopping, and beach fun


Caribbean cruising is perfect for trips with groups of couples, multi-generational families, and fun-seeking friends, with plenty of opportunities to explore friendly ports, shop, stroll or sun on white sand beaches, snorkel, scuba, and try all sorts of activities. 

The Caribbean is made up of 2,500 miles of sea and verdant islands located primarily between North and South America. Year-round, average temperature is about 80 degrees both on land and in the water.

Really just about every modern cruise ship line has a variety of Caribbean itineraries to choose from with a tremendous range of price options, departure ports and sailing dates.

Consider cruising the Eastern Caribbean if your group is looking for easy-going, slightly less-developed islands like St Kitts, Nevis, Barbados, and Martinique. These islands are generally smaller and closer to one other, giving Eastern Caribbean cruises more shore-time than their counterparts. Cruise season in the Eastern Caribbean runs from August to April, with the best prices typically late summer to fall.

The Western Caribbean comes alive for cruising during October to April. Ports are sometimes on the mainland as well as on larger islands, making for more variety in the shore excursions. Highlights include rain forest hikes, Mayan ruins, and enjoying lively ports such as Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize City, and the Cayman Islands.

Southern Caribbean cruises are also concentrated during October to April, with the best prices running from October to early December. Holiday cruises tend to sell out early and cost more. Your trip will likely include islands such as the Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua, St Bartelemy, Saint Lucia, Martinique, or Aruba. Consider a longer Southern Caribbean cruise if you want to also visit the Panama Canal.

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