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Tsuniah Lake Lodge Trip

So much or nothing at all to do for 50 years.

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There is no specific story to tell about this place. Perhaps there are a hundred stories to tell, since all of the family members on my father’s side of the family have been gathering at this remote and special place in the Canadian Rocky Mountains every summer since the 1950’s.

The website is, but really it doesn’t do the experience justice and I’m not sure any website could. Perhaps just a picture or two could convey the peacefulness, connection with rugged North American wilderness, and the quiet hospitality of the Brebner family. The Brebner family has owned and operated this small fishing and hunting lodge since before my grandfather first flew into its’ grass airstrip to spend a week in one of the approximately 10 charming, simple and comfortable cabins which surround the main lodge. They are gracious, friendly and happy to get to know new folks and make sure you have a memorable trip. They are truly the nicest people we know.

Everyone fishes rainbow trout on the lake most of the day (plentiful and easy to catch), or hikes, reads, plays games or just sits around talking and enjoying the stupefying beauty of the mountains which nestle the lake. Remote is an understatement here. No ringing devices or email of any kind exist. Given that there is no other sign of civilization within view it is both impractical and undesirable to connect with the rest of the world.

One is better off communing with the herd of horses and dogs the Brebners keep, or spot deer, moose, bear, eagle and many other completely wireless life forms. Or take an hour to eat a meal, which is about what it takes to get through any of the thoroughly satisfying home cooking which is mounded up on large platters in the family style dining room. The view from this room looking back to the lake will keep you lingering while eating an extra slice of pie!

Not ready to pick up the casting rod or fly rod after that big meal? No sweat: play a little pool or shuffleboard, or tie a fly in the loft of the main lodge. Or just take a nap. Not a hard core fishing trip you say? Not at all, but it’s a great place to take the entire family (including kids of all ages and your dog!). Everyone goes at his or her own pace and recharges the batteries. It’s worked for my family for 50+ years.

  • Call the resort for advice on what to pack

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