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All Girls Birthday Bash Palm Springs

Fun in the Palm Springs sun.

Submitted by Wendell


Well the trip started out a little shaky when my best friend and I showed up to the airport about 50 minutes prior to our flight and saw a line out of the door to check-in. 30 minutes later we were told that we would not be making it on the plane.

Planes (a flight to LA), trains (not really) and automobiles (a convertible red mustang) and nine hours later we arrived at our destination. It was all worth the crazy transportation and LA traffic to meet up with all of our closest girl friends at Korakia in Palm Springs to celebrate our friend's 40th.

We were so happy to check into our Moroccan style villa and toasted with a cocktail by the pool on that late Friday night. The hotel was like our own private party pad with our villas all opening up their doors to a communal fire pit and gorgeous pool.

We woke up and enjoyed a homemade poolside breakfast and lounged the day away in the beautiful sun. Later we strolled into town, but that was our only contact with the outside world. We ordered food in from a local Mexican restaurant and drank great wine until the wee hours of the night knowing that the next day would be just as relaxing as the one we just had.

Ah, just thinking about it now makes me long for a trip back! I mean, what else could a girl really ask for?

  • Show up to your flight really, really early
  • Take over a boutique hotel for your next birthday bash
  • And always drink good wine

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