Girlfriend Getaways

A Girlfriend Getaway Cruise

A Cruise Vacation Just for the Girls


A girlfriend getaway cruise will be, for sure, a one of a kind opportunity for laughter, swapping stories, meeting fun people, shopping, exercise, exploring beautiful scenery, and relaxing. You'll find spas, salons, boutiques, exercise, and great food on board. Most ships, for a girlfriend getaway, are now equipped with state of the art gyms too with spinning, yoga, aerobics, rock climbing, free weights and much more.

Work out and then enjoy body treatments, facials, and massages with the girls at a full-service spa. Reward yourselves with your favorite adult beverages at the pools or hot tub.

On shore, engage in fun girlfriend getaway activities like hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, cultural exploration, and shopping. What's better than that?

After a day of life at sea, it's back to your cabin to get ready for dinner and all-night entertainment , gambling, dancing, and perhaps the midnight buffet.

For a slower paced evening, head to your room and return to your slumber party past by ordering desert, watching a movie, playing cards, giving each other a manicure, or just chatting until the sun comes up.

Be sure to get feedback from your group about the activities, class of service, and size of ship they are interested in. If your group loves shopping, try a Caribbean cruise for clothing, leather goods, electronics, European fineries, duty-free shopping, and great local items like spices, art, rums, and coffees. Or, for communing with Mother Nature, try an Alaska cruise, or go down to Baja and get up-close with migrating whales, vast sea life, exotic birds, and unbelievable scenery. You can even rent an entire ship or charter your own yacht with just the girls to experience the Greek Islands, Brazil, or Turkey complete with your own chef and crew.

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