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Sail Away on a World Cruise Together

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Are you someone who dreams of sailing way away with your favorite loved ones on a World Cruise? Perhaps to launch your retirement or to celebrate an important milestone in your life, be it a birthday or a special anniversary.

Well, you actually have quite a few choices to consider: Princess offers two global itineraries, with ships taking passengers to more than 40 destinations on six continents. Princess offers world cruising on two sister ships, the 670-passenger Tahitian Princess and 710-passenger Royal Princess, both offering 107-day itineraries that set sail from Ft. Lauderdale. The Tahitian Princess sailing leaves in January, ending in Dover, while Royal Princes' January departure winds up in Rome. Both itineraries feature travel to South America, the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, India and Egypt, with differing European segments.


Cunard Line's World Cruise offers amazing diversity. Sip margaritas on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, shop along the waterfront in Auckland, then wander ancient alleyways in Shanghai, watch children play in Mumbai, ride a camel in the Arabian desert near Dubai and so on. Not to mention the landmarks you will witness firsthand — the Panama Canal, the Great Barrier Reef, the Egyptian pyramids, the Athens Acropolis and much more.

Then there is your very elegant host for a sensational sailing - go around the world the new Queen Victoria for 105 days.

The Crystal World Cruise is a 108-day odyssey that spans the globe and showcases some of the world's most sought-after destinations, including the enchantment of the South Pacific, the opulence of Asia, the treasures of Africa and Europe. Visit 45 ports of call in 22 different countries and enjoy overnights in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Egypt. Embark on a journey of discovery to ancient civilizations, romantic islands and sophisticated cities to create majestic memories that will last a lifetime.

Regent's World Cruise calls at 51 ports in 26 countries in 115 nights - their most extensive world cruise ever. And since The Regent experience is almost infinitely customizable, you can experience the world through your own personal lens, exploring the things that interest you most. Not surprisingly, they were ranked the best cruise line in the world by some of the world's most experienced travelers. An African safari, the romance of Venice, the grandeur of Asian palaces, the drama of Machu Picchu and the great pyramids, the exquisite pleasures of a transoceanic crossing, Holland America Line invites you to indulge in the ultimate travel experience. Intriguing itineraries combine maiden calls with perennial favorites and extended stays in favored world ports.

A World cruise is actually more affordable than you would think and it's no longer just for the rich and famous. You and your group deserve this level of pampering, quite honestly and with pricing starting from US $19K. If time does not yet permit the full World Cruise, consider joining just for a segment or two of any World Cruise voyage.

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