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Ladies Surf Camp n Spa - Costa Rica

Fun Christmas surfing in Costa Rica

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Last Christmas, 4 of my girlfriends and I were looking to do something a little different than normal - we wanted the sun, the spa....but also wanted to try surfing in a "safe and controlled" environment. Of course, a girlfriend getaway surf trip to Costa Rica.

We researched a lot of places in Costa Rica, but settled in on Kelea Surf Camp, mostly due to the great article we found in T+L, also because it was a women's only camp. Less pressure, being taught by someone with the same body distribution as we have....and more fun! (no need to worry about someone "flirting" with the instructor).

Kelea Spa is located in Mal Pais, a very laid back and small surf community. Accomodations are in the Ritmo Hotel, you get your own cabin and all of them surround a pool (perfect for post surf dip). Lessons were in the AM and run by an American and German girl. Tiring, fun, scary and refreshing.... when we got tired of surfing (ie. falling), we had fun just playing in the waves.

Afternoons and evenings are free...meals are included and in the restaurant. Best part is the spa services and free yoga which are in a palapa style tent. Outdoor spa...where you can hear the crickets in the backround rather than boring traditional spa music....can't be beat!

  • Fly to Mal Pais from San Jose - the spa will pick you up from the airstrip.
  • Take a day trip to Montezuma - hike to the waterfall and then swim in the waters below. Note, trail is quite tricky...we did it in flip flops, but sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended. (bring flip flops for water crossings)
  • Take a walk down the main street of Mal Pais to the gourmet and fancy hotel and restaurant Florblanca (restaurant is Nector). Alfresco dining, fresh seafood and tasty. Walk there (approx one hour) along the dusty road and shop along the way.

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