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Group travel to Arizona's Valley of the Sun is popular among golfers for good reason. Among the Valley's desert landscapes and dramatic mountain scenery, golfers can enjoy high blue skies, dry dese...  [Read more]
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USA Golf Destinations Overview
With the popularity of golf and the abundance of courses, most destinations offer an opportunity to accommodate visiting golfers. When planning golf trips you will find distinctive differences in g...  [Read more]
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Utah Golf
There are a number of surprise golf destinations, great for your golf group, which offer outstanding golf and many choices for play but have yet to be popularized by TV coverage and pro tour even...  [Read more]
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Old School Golf—Ireland and Scotland
For every golf enthusiast, a trip to Scotland and Ireland is the ultimate golf adventure. Take in the majesty and delve into the history of the sport while battling some of the most challenging a...  [Read more]
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Okanagan Valley Golf
Bristish Columbia's Okanagan Valley is a surprise golf destination that still has yet to be popularized by TV coverage and pro-tours. This type of less known, but still beautiful course offers ou...  [Read more]
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Los Cabos
Once just a sleepy fishing village, Los Cabos has quickly become one of the best vacation destinations in all of Mexico. There are six championship golf courses within easy driving distance of eac...  [Read more]
A Golf Cruise
Did you know that a cruise ship can be your caddy to some of the most remarkable golf courses ever built? Imagine golfing Mexico's Cabo del Sol, which debuted on Golf Magazine's list of Top 100 Cou...  [Read more]
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Family Golf Vacations
With role models like Rory McIlroy spurring on the young, and legends like Jack Nicklaus still inspiring seasoned golfers, golf continues to be a sport of interest to all ages. Making golf a big p...  [Read more]
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Golf Schools Together
Attend a golf school together with your group and you can completely immerse yourselves in a great location, friendship, and the eternal quest for mastering the game. Shave strokes off your rounds,...  [Read more]
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An Excerpt From Leisure Group Travel Magazine, May 2005
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Top Golf Destination In Canada's Premier Wine Region
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Spectacular Golf, Sun And Fun
A New (Cruise And Golf) Course Every Day.
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With role models like Rory McIlroy spurring on the young, and legends like Jack Nicklaus still in...  [Read More]
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