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Golf at Bandon Dunes!!!

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One of the most amazing golf trips I have ever taken was a couple of years ago to Bandon, Oregon. Now if you haven't heard yet, Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails, and Pacific Dunes are three of the most amazing, beautiful, and yes difficult golf courses in North America...or anywhere for that matter. It's like playing in Ireland or Scotland. Bandon, Oregon is a destination golf trip and once you get there it's all about golfing, drinking, and getting some rest to play more golf....and drink more, of course!! So a group of us decided in 2006 that Bandon was the place for our next golf trip. You take a little hopper from Portland to North Bend, Oregon, and then shuttle to the resort. It's right on the coast of Oregon and at any time of the year the weather can turn nasty and make any round of golf out there an adventure....and, for some, a lesson in survival!! Each golf course has its own separate, unique style and beauty. Yet each offers a challenge to the best of golfers! On both the Dunes and the Pacific courses there is this plant called "Gorse" growing (see attached photo). They imported this wicked and evil parasitic plant from the hollowed grounds of Royal Saint Andrews and planted this throughout the sanded banks all along these golf courses. Once your ball enters this horrific ruffage it is destined to stay there forever!! Forget about trying to retreive your ball or even to make an attempt at trying to whack your way to it with a club. Take your penalty shot and move on! Anyhow, if you are looking for a golfing experience similar or better to what you would get in Scotland or Ireland you only have to travel to the west coast to Bandon, Oregon. I would highly recommend this place for your next "guys golfing trip"!!
  • Leave the wife at home!
  • Bring cigars
  • Bring plenty of ammo

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