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Attend a golf school together with your group and you can completely immerse yourselves in a great location, friendship, and the eternal quest for mastering the game. Shave strokes off your rounds, work toward the ideal swing, and find the mantra or mindset to ensure great rounds.

Here are some choices to consider as you look to find a school that matches your group's needs and budget.Butch Harmon School of Golf in Las Vegas has a 2 to 1 instructor ratio,Golf Advantage School in Kingwood, Texas boasts solid fundamentals instruction,Kapalua Golf Academy (Maui) has personalized and affordable classes.

Dedicated golf schools take great care to provide the golf amenities required to bring your game to the next level and most can include accommodations, meals, and other travel details in the price as well. You'll have entire days to spend perfecting your short game, driving, bunker shots, putting, etc. Most schools provide videos that you can take home and watch afterwards. Inquire about the types of reference materials that are included after the school is over to help with ongoing learning.

A good time to attend golf school is in the spring, before the season hits full stride so you can apply everything you've learned to its fullest. In the early spring, you might even find a "shoulder season" travel bargain if you're flexible about dates. Consult your travel provider or ask the school prior to booking.

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