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Berkowitz Family Trip to Guatemala
This was a big family vacation where four families all from the Berkowitz clan flew down to participate in Vivian's wedding. Eight adults, eight kids all flew down from California, joining a much b...  [Read more]
Tags : family

Submitted by Maryann McGregor Berkowitz

In honor of my Italian husband's 50th year, we decided that it was time to see Italy. Neither one of us had been there and so we packed up the 9 yr old son and my 22 yr old niece and away we went. ...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure advice beach city dining family historical vacation rentals

Submitted by Seesa

To escape from the city, four busy New York women who are close friends, vacation in sunny San Diego for a weekend. The weekend was full of adventure, with endless water sport options to choose fro...  [Read more]

Submitted by demo-fineliving

Art and Aesthetics in Japan
We went with a school group on a whirlwind, 14-day tour of Japan focusing on Art and Aesthetics that included visits to several temples, museums, and other cultural destinations. From the surprisi...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure city historical shopping

Submitted by BCM

Camping with Fred
Three families (1 dog, 4 adults and 6 kids, ages 8-11) embarked on a hiking, kayaking, motorboating, camping, swimming, fishing extravaganza. All 10 of us hiked with packs full of gear and food do...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach family fishing hiking kayaking wildlife

Submitted by Friends of Fred