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Lake Louise Skiing

Submitted by Brian

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Did two group ski trips to Lake Louise (two different groups of 5 friends). All of the skiing was at Lake Louise Mountain Resort, though there are a couple of other nearby ski areas.

I didn't have the best luck in terms of fresh snow (and snow depth) either year, but still had good fun skiing here (just didn't explore some of the terrain that didn't have adequate coverage) -- particularly off the "Top of the World" chair (painful song association notwithstanding).

The skiing off the summit was awesome, though the prospect of riding a platter up kept me away after trying it once. The back side had tons more skiing, and we lunched at Temple Lodge (where they had a BBQ going) a couple of times.

There was a lot of driving required on this trip, since both times we stayed about 45 minutes away so we could be closer to Banff and Canmore (the biggest towns in the area, with most food and nightlife options). The drive, which was all within the national park boundaries, was very scenic. That made it go down easier every day. It was about a 2 hour drive from Calgary to the Banff area. We also did a quick visit to the Lake Louise Fairmont, which is located right on the lake. It's an amazing setting!

  • Chef's studio japan in canmore had great sushi!
  • Bad news: it takes 45 minutes to drive from banff (the town with the most action) and lake louise
  • Good news: the drive through banff national park is very scenic (mountain views)
  • Recommended: the grizzly paw brewing company in canmore

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