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Wrights Lake Ski Trip

Family cross crountry ski getaway.

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Two friends and their high school senior sons joined me for a 3-day cross country ski trip into Desolation Wilderness in the Sierra Mountain Range.

The first day was used to ski 7 miles into the cabin, which can not be driven to in winter due to major snow accumulation at the 7,000' elevation level. When we got there we had to dig out the doors to the cabin and the outhouse, since there was roughly 5' of snow on the ground.

The middle day was used for skiing up into the backcountry, probably about a 2,000' elevation gain, most of it in spectacular terrain above treeline. On the last day we had a gourmet brunch on the snow out the back door, closed up the cabin and skiied out.

The highlight of the trip was a sort of "initiation into manhood" for the two young men as we played poker into the late hours and drank shots of tequila and ouzo (the Greek anise liquor) We saw no other people for the entire 3 days and took turns cooking great meals.

  • Later in the ski season, when the major storms have mostly passed, the snow becomes very well packed, and the result is that you can cover great distances with relatively little effort as your touring skiis only sink in about an inch or less
  • Backcountry skiing is a great activity for people who enjoy backpacking, but there is no dust and you aren't confined by trails

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