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The Great Wall, bustling cities, quaint villages

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On a group trip to China, you'll encounter incredible diversity between bustling, metropolitan cities and quaint, small villages together. China is a massive country with great mountains, vast rivers, and huge deserts. The culture, food, and customs vary dramatically throughout the country.

Many visitors join pre-packaged tours to China to minimize communication and transportation challenges. Tours are also a cost-effective way to see this vast country.

At the top of most travelers' lists in China are visits to the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Tian An Men Square. In Xian, travelers can take in the amazing 8,000 life-sized Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses standing in battle formation to guarding the tomb of Emperor Qing Shi Huang. When traveling to China, particularly if it's your first time, try to visit Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius and take boat cruises in Suzhou ("Venice of the East") and West Lake in Hangzhou (often called "Paradise on Earth").

Bustling Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities, with a 3,000-year history and over 11 million people. It is the political, cultural and economic center of the China. Most tours also find their way to the cosmopolitan port city of Shanghai. This huge metropolis will assault your senses with its fascinating mix of ancient and modern influences. Visit the Jade Buddha Temple, Yu Garden, and the Bund and Nanking Road. Hang around for Acrobatic Shows and Martial Art demonstrations along the way. The best, moderate weather in China is generally in April and May, and then again in September and October. June through August is very hot and humid. November to March is very cold in North China, though moderate in South China. If you have extra time, consider a river cruise on the Yangtze River, or exploring neighboring Tibet or Thailand.

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