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Private Island Rental

Your own slice of heaven (together).


Get close with your group while getting as far from it all as possible, by renting your own island! Surrounded only by the sea, sky, and your favorite people you will enjoy secluded natural beauty and have the opportunity to experience truly unique and luxurious accommodations. Islands of all price ranges, sizes, isolation, and luxury status are available across the globe, including destinations in the Caribbean, Greece, Florida, and many more.

Average island occupancy is about 10 bedrooms, typically sleeping 20 to 30 guests in total comfort. With a bit of research, your group can find your own small slice of the world to enjoy together. Your island gives you the complete freedom to leave behind your life back home, as you enjoy snorkeling, diving, boating, fishing, and other beach activities. Enjoy food caught from the surrounding waters served by a staff that knows both the area and your needs.

Note: Don't expect your mobile phone to work as anything other than a skipping stone! You'll be amazed how after a few days how good you feel by not being attached to it.

Island rental options vary from sublime luxury to small cabins on a fishing island, and costs range accordingly. However, according to, the average cost to rent an island is $4000.00/week for two people.

Most islands will include a boat, or yacht, or have one available at an extra cost. Inquire about how to get to the island from the closest port and find out if the island is publicly accessible to those staying elsewhere.

What a great way to spend some quality time together with your group. 

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