Pacific Holidays

Pacific Holidays

It's a world rich in history, culture and stunning physical beauty. And it's a world we know well. Come stroll with us through the bustling streets of an ancient Indian capital or ride atop an elephant in the forests of northern Thailand.

As experienced professionals, Pacific Holidays has gained a reputation for its broad and innovative selection of itineraries to Asia and the South Pacific. Cruise the Yangtze River's Three Gorges, Vietnam's Mekong Delta or Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Hike the majestic Himalayas or lounge on pristine beaches of the Philippine Islands. Visit a Hindu shrine in Bali, or a Buddhist temple in Myanmar. Experience firsthand New Zealand's vibrant Maori heritage or a Fijian dance performance. And then take a rest in the felt tent home of your Mongolian herdsman host, or relax in the modern comfort of Hong Kong and Singapore's sleek high-rise hotels.

No other tour operator offers so much in so vast a territory. Nor could they do it so well. Our extensive knowledge of the region and close cooperation with most major Asia and South Pacific bound airlines makes our luxury group and individual travel both high-quality and affordable.


Adventure, Beach, sun, and fun, Cultural/History, Luxury

Travel Types:

Accommodation and Car, Custom Itineraries, Escorted Tours, Independent Travel


Asia, Australia, Bali, China, Cook Islands, Fiji, India, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, South America, South Korea, South Pacific, Tahiti, Thailand

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