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Sumatra Surf Journey
The trip was months in planning. Between the 8 of us, we had more than 20 surfboards. This was the surf trip of a lifetime. We were going to surf waves that most surfers only see in magazines and v...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure beach buddies fishing scuba diving surfing

Submitted by Evan

Ukrainian Road Trip
It's mid-July in the danger zone of Chernobyl, Ukraine. The geiger counter is beeping rapidly, as Greg and Kevin explore the ghost town of Pripyat. Beneath a dilapidated twenty-year old ferris whe...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies hiking historical shopping

Submitted by Kevin

Try it All at Tryall
More like get away from it all! Ten of us met in Jamaica last year to celebrate our 40th birthdays. We'd spent weekends together before, but never like this! This time we rented a house in Tryall ...  [Read more]

Submitted by Laura

Sailing around Sicily
Last September, eight of us rented a boat and sailed around the coast of Sicily and up into the Aeolian Islands. We started at Agrigento and hiked around ancient ruins...moved around the southern...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies cruise dining historical sailing vacation rentals

Submitted by Nique

Namotu, Fiji
The perfect surf trip, this trip couldn't have been better. This majestic island located off of Nadi, Fiji in the South Pacific truly depicts a surfer's paradise. I went with my dad and sister who ...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure beach family surfing

Submitted by Dana Hutchinson

Daytona Beach Getaway
Filled with family-style recreation, attractions and entertainment, the Daytona Beach area offers 23 miles of sparkling beaches and plenty of fun. The beach itself has an ocean park atmosphere, wit...  [Read more]
Tags : beach family us domestic

Submitted by Beach Lover

New Zealand by Motorhome
Toured the South Island of New Zealand with 3 friends in a Mitsubishi mini-RV. We always had the fridge stocked with cans of Victoria Bitter (VB), which is some of the best beer in a can going! Th...  [Read more]

Submitted by Brian

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