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Jackson Hole Skiing
Buddies ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites 49er. It wasn't anything special, but it did have a hot tub and was very conveniently located. So much so that we ...  [Read more]
Tags : buddies dining skiing us domestic

Submitted by brian

Every year, a friend of mine picks a bar somewhere in the world and a date and time. Whoever shows up, shows up. It makes for a great excuse to travel. I've only managed to make it to two of them s...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure advice buddies

Submitted by Brad

Guy's Trip to Las Vegas for the NFL Playoffs
I do this trip every year and it's the best time to be in Vegas if you're a huge sports fan. Two weeks before the Super Bowl is the divisional playoffs. That means there are two NFL playoff games o...  [Read more]

Submitted by scott58

March Madness - Opening Rounds
I met up with groups of 4-5 guys twice to see the opening rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament - once in Seattle, once in Tucson. There are four games on the first day (either Thursday or Frid...  [Read more]

Submitted by brian

Sumatra Surf Journey
The trip was months in planning. Between the 8 of us, we had more than 20 surfboards. This was the surf trip of a lifetime. We were going to surf waves that most surfers only see in magazines and v...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure beach buddies fishing scuba diving surfing

Submitted by Evan

Scuba diving in Tobago
My brother, my college roommate and I had been talking about a fun boys’ trip (i.e. no wives or girlfriends allowed) for a couple years. We finally got serious about it and decided on scuba d...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure advice beach buddies caribbean scuba diving

Submitted by Todd

Vegas Bachelor Parties
Two different Vegas bachelor parties: In the first, the group stayed at Bally's in March...during the second weekend of March Madness college basketball (sweet sixteen, elite eight). We placed some...  [Read more]

Submitted by brian

Buckskin Gulch/Paria River, Utah
Oh my goosh! is all I've got to say about Buckskin Gulch and the Paria River in Utah. If you are looking for long, crazy, narrow red rock canyons, you have come to the right place. I have traveled...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure advice buddies hiking wildlife

Submitted by Stewart "Scout" McClure

Toronto Reunion
We just completes a weekend get together of college friends. Of course, BBQ, beers, dinners, beers, and just generally catching up were all part of the experience. Guys came in from London, Paris,...  [Read more]
Tags : buddies city weekend getaways

Submitted by Mark

TALLADEGA NIGHTS: The Ultimate Bachelor Party
It all started with an ingenious idea from the bachelor himself. A journey that would transcend all to become the ultimate bachelor party experience. We had all seen the movie, a Will Farrell class...  [Read more]

Submitted by cman

Following the soul of a nation
Canadians are oft criticized for a lack of patriotism when it comes to their own country. However, this distinct lack of passion is really just a misunderstanding. For us, passion starts and ends w...  [Read more]

Submitted by Carlos

Ukrainian Road Trip
It's mid-July in the danger zone of Chernobyl, Ukraine. The geiger counter is beeping rapidly, as Greg and Kevin explore the ghost town of Pripyat. Beneath a dilapidated twenty-year old ferris whe...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies hiking historical shopping

Submitted by Kevin

Ireland Golf Adventure
From a group of about 25 guys now in our 60's who have been playing golf together for nearly 30 years, eight of us committed to a long-discussed visit to Ireland, and selected the last two weeks of...  [Read more]
Tags : buddies golf historical

Submitted by Tom

California Caverns
It was a few years ago but a story worth telling. The group I cave, raft, camp and scamp with is the White Water Playboys. We have had twelve years consecutive with each other and every year it get...  [Read more]

Submitted by Buck

Sailing around Sicily
Last September, eight of us rented a boat and sailed around the coast of Sicily and up into the Aeolian Islands. We started at Agrigento and hiked around ancient ruins...moved around the southern...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure beach buddies cruise dining historical sailing vacation rentals

Submitted by Nique

Walla Walla or Bust
What is that speeding down the highway...is it a sports car, a super sonic train? No, it's the Mem Day bio-diesel party bus. Yes, it's true! Twenty or so college buddies (ages 30 something to 40 so...  [Read more]
Tags : biking buddies golf us domestic wine

Submitted by Mem Day Delinquent

Sun Valley Skiing
This was a ski trip with eight people. We picked Sun Valley because we had a friend living there (though there are certainly other good reasons to go there). The group stayed in a condo in Elkhorn....  [Read more]

Submitted by Brian

Sun Valley Adventures - White Water Style
Once again our group was looking for a trip to top our previous. This year marked our groups 12th year of our annual White Water Playboy Adventures! Our trip this year was in late May and it was st...  [Read more]
Tags : adrenaline adventure buddies rafting wildlife

Submitted by Woolfie

Adventure Moab
We rented a motor home and drove all day from Flagstaff, AZ to Moab, Utah. We had planned to keep the first day for nothing more than R&R, but that changed when we found an epic bike company an...  [Read more]

Submitted by WWP

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There are times when nature calls. The city, traffic, pollution, noise and all the other accoutre...  [Read More]
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