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March Madness - Opening Rounds
I met up with groups of 4-5 guys twice to see the opening rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament - once in Seattle, once in Tucson. There are four games on the first day (either Thursday or Frid...  [Read more]

Submitted by brian

TALLADEGA NIGHTS: The Ultimate Bachelor Party
It all started with an ingenious idea from the bachelor himself. A journey that would transcend all to become the ultimate bachelor party experience. We had all seen the movie, a Will Farrell class...  [Read more]

Submitted by cman

Following the soul of a nation
Canadians are oft criticized for a lack of patriotism when it comes to their own country. However, this distinct lack of passion is really just a misunderstanding. For us, passion starts and ends w...  [Read more]

Submitted by Carlos

Wrights Lake Ski Trip
Two friends and their high school senior sons joined me for a 3-day cross country ski trip into Desolation Wilderness in the Sierra Mountain Range. The first day was used to ski 7 miles into the c...  [Read more]
Tags : adventure family skiing

Submitted by S. Podesta

Ireland Golf Adventure
From a group of about 25 guys now in our 60's who have been playing golf together for nearly 30 years, eight of us committed to a long-discussed visit to Ireland, and selected the last two weeks of...  [Read more]
Tags : buddies golf historical

Submitted by Tom

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