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About KJ

You can call me KJ.  A few years back I was in school with a family.  Any vacation needed to meet the budget.  I went crazy to get us on a great vacation.  Like 10,000 hours crazy figuring out credit cards and travel.  (Really...ask my wife.)

Then the magic started to happen.

Travel changed us and our life.

App to organize a group or create an itinerary?

Group travel?

About Zora

It’s true, my husband is crazy about his points.  For the first 10,000 hours it about made me crazy too.

Then we started taking these amazing vacations.

Our Grand Tour took things to another level, really changed my life.   The Tour also started a new art series for me.

The art is my heartfelt way to tell others about finding their best self.

Triporama Zora

How it Works

Smile wide, your luxury vacation is almost FREE

Step 1:  Select Credit Cards

Get the cards you need and use them to earn your bonus points.

Step 2:  Plan your Vacation

Use your bonus points to book the luxury vacation of your dreams.

Step 3:  Smile wide

Sky rocket your mood.  Get  yourself ready for good times.

Who It's For

Want Luxury Vacation

Get away from the usual.
Enjoy irresistible indulgences in the most coveted destinations.

Get Your Groove Back

Focus on shifting your mood.
Live a healthier, more fulfilling, and more passionate life.

Treat Family & Friends

Do it for someone close.
Bring a smile to one you love - giving is the greatest happiness.