100 Years of Stories

The emotional tides rise and ebb

Broke down here with my 100-year-old grandma

With a cane

She stands gracefully in the wind

Light shines through her snow-white hair

Illuminate our lost eyes


Eighty years ago

In the world where tennis belongs to men

She won a tournament with a borrowed racket


Seventy years ago

Doctor visited her

He has one year left

Get a job

With three young children

The young grandma took the wheel of fate


Sixty years ago

As the Dean of the school

She approved students to engage in women's liberation activities on their own

After three naked female models sent by Playboy Magazine

She was called to the court

Grandma was unyielding and telling the truth

Laughter burst in the court

She became the legend in the news


Fifty years ago

Bob came to the job interview

He opened a new chapter for grandma

Although her heart was in love

It couldn't change grandma's will like steel

Bob proposed once a year

Grandma said every time

With three children and busy work

She got no time to be a bride

Fortunately, Bob’s will was as strong as hers

In the sixth year, Bob finally got  a “yes”

Since then, half a century’s love began


Five years ago

Grandma and friends capsized at sea

90-year-old grandma and the 70-year-old friend

Together they tow the boat back to the shore


Three years ago

After ninety years of playing

Grandma finally quit tennis


A year ago

Fly fishing in a river in Idaho

Grandma announced that this would be the last time


This year

Grandma as usual

Delivered a speech at the annual Conference of the Crones Counsel


Grandma is a rock star in the theater of life

Full of life on the stage

We look up in the audience to admire her


The night fell

Her 100th birthday party ended

Grandma said

Although I can't see all of your life unfold

But I know you will be alright


Grandma knows

Her blooming life is the best gift for us all

100 Years of Stories