About KJ

Hi, I'm KJ.  Back when I was in school my family felt desperate for a vacation.  I put in all the hours learning about the credit card travel deals.  At the time it felt like the last resort.

Turns out getting amazing vacations can be almost free.  And not that hard.  Just a matter of knowing which credit cards to get.  It's pretty easy to jump from desperation to luxury resort.

KJ - Marina Bay Sands
Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

That first trip over Spring Break to Mexico in an all inclusive hotel was amazing.  One credit card for airfare and another for the hotel.  We kept pinching ourselves.  I mean our room had an ocean view.  Was this really happening?

KJ - View from Puerta Vallarta room
That's me with my arms up in the air!

From there, we kept right on.  Spring Break 2018 my wife and I sat on the balcony of our suite overlooking the bay in St Thomas.  It was great.  We never wanted it to end.

So we said, next year it's not going to be just one week.  We'll travel the world all Summer long, no matter what.

We call it our Grand Tour.  And we did it on points.

View of St Thomas bay
View of St Thomas bay