Away from the Game

The game of my life

At a desk

On a computer

Deadlines and data


I visited a calm volcano lake

With 360 small islands

Each about big enough

For one house


Each house accessible

Only by boat

Often row boats

And row boats with motors


Saw a shirtless fishermen

In his small wooden boat

He looked up at me

And without pause

Kept casting his net


The young people

On the islands

Touch the computer

Same as me


But they touch the oar

To leave home

Climbing into their rowing boat

Then swing to the shore with a creak


This day

I'm surrounded by their water

Away from my game

I see their game


When they need supplies

They row in the lake

Trade some fish from their nets

For the things they need


On the water

I have time from my Game

And I see them

Away from the Game

Away from the Game