Coming home

California's air smells rich

The layers of golden hills please the eyes

Noticing the wood carving eagles on the roofs and streetlamps

I wondered why they were on these places

Until the eagle spread its wings and flew away


Back to the place I missed

My pores and nostrils are stretched out

I was like a clock that wound up everyday

Mechanical, indifferent, and nervous

After a summer's unwinding

The clock blossomed like a flower


It took one summer to refresh

All marks from daily grinding at work are erased

I uncovered my original self

With the smile of triumph at the corner of my mouth


It took one summer to melt the ice

The rigid snow peak

Now the tenderness flows


It took one summer to come home

The place where I can show my belly

Where I can use the hill with yellow grass as a pillow

Where I can look at the unknown sky and

Hope again

Coming Home