Enchanted Santa Fe

Red soil

Blue sky

The female voice on the airport shuttle rang

"Welcome to the Enchanted State"


A city that shows its bare butt with no vegetation in the sun

A city that inherits indigenous red adobe houses

A city with beautiful galleries on Canyon Street

A city that loves and is loved by Georgia O’Keeffee


Now we are here again

Full of excitement

Bright colors

Dry air

Fiery sun

Occasionally a hailstorm


Spiral staircase in the church

Like a string of DNA

Perfect rotation

Seemingly unable to bear weight

Yet many people stand upon it

Showing its miracle


In a small red adobe church

Before the cross

A pit with red powder

We each hold a handful

Apply on body and face

With Christ’s blessings

With the Natives’ prayers

This magical soil can bring you hope of healing


Meow Wolf

A pink giant sniffing a rose

A world intertwined with dreams

We are wandering in the subconscious maze

It's like our unconscious life


Santa Fe

I am immersed in the legend from the past to the present

Came here again by accident

As if this is our pilgrimage site

Enchanted Santa Fe