Hometown Spirit

What became of my hometown

Shanghai skyscrapers grow up and up

As the roads become wider and wider

Where to find familiar places


Sounds from the river rings a bell

Humid air stirs a feeling well

As the highways spread everywhere

As everyone moves faster and faster

Where to find the old spirit


In this city who changes her look every day

And goes after prosperity every way

Can two kids enjoy a moment after school

Just stand by a street vendor’s stove

Waiting for some sizzling stinky tofu


In the busy crowds of people

Under the dazzling world of neon

What relaxes you?

What defines you?

What is your dream?

Do you have the courage to pursue it?


My hometown

Slow down and take a look

At the Huangpu River in the dusk

See the Suzhou River after dark


See yourself in the water

Flowing peacefully for a thousand years

On the surface the white moonlight falls

Glimmering with my hometown spirit

Hometown Spirit